Thursday, December 15, 2011

Recapping today's Don and Doug

We spend a good bit of time questioning why Repbulican elites rush to embrace Mitt Romney's presidential bid. He's the same Mitt Romney who, in the past, publicly dissed the policies of the Reagan-Bush era. Romney also distanced himself from the Contract with America in 1994, saying he saw it as divisive. In 2002, Romney campaigned in Massachusetts declaring himself a progressive.

An easy-going, moderate GOP president will likely have little success in undoing what the left has put in place over the previous four years.

We also wondered aloud where the Tea Partiers who filled the streets and town halls in 2009 are now. We know some have been assimilated into local Republican Party structures. We also suspect many now emphasize self-reliance and prepping over political solution to what they believe is coming.

The program is available through the site. Or you can listen from start to finish with this link.

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