Saturday, December 31, 2011

Socialist website calls for revolution in the U.S.

World Socialist Web Site has published a story that begins with recap of the GM strike in Flint, Michigan 75 years ago. But the article builds into a call for socialist revolution in the modern day USA:

Conditions are created for new U.S. and global collapse of capitalism. In preparation for revolutionary struggle is now entering the American working class lessons to be learned from the strike at Flint and explosive birth of the CIO. 
Revolutionary potential was expressed so strongly in those early battles will return again to the fore. This time, the movement must be aware armed with a socialist and internationalist strategy and takes the form of a political battle to take over power by the workers. This requires breaking old organizations and leadership building new, revolutionary. Great tradition of struggle of American working class will find expression at a higher level through the establishment of the Socialist Equality Party, leader of battles to come.
The article was published in the Romanian language. The translation above is a rough one provided by Google. If anyone knows of, or can provide, a better translation, let me know.

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