Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chicago appears to be the next big Occupy target

Adbusters, one of the groups gave birth to Occupy Wall Street, now calls for massive occupy-style protests to coincide with NATO and G8 summits in Chicago in May.

Adbusters announced its plan earlier this week in a release labeled as a Tactical Briefing. It says, in part:
From: Adbusters
On May 1, 50,000 people from all over the world will flock to Chicago, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and #OCCUPYCHICAGO for a month. With a bit of luck, we’ll pull off the biggest multinational occupation of a summit meeting the world has ever seen. 
And this time around we’re not going to put up with the kind of police repression that happened during the Democratic National Convention protests in Chicago, 1968 … nor will we abide by any phony restrictions the City of Chicago may want to impose on our first amendment rights. We’ll go there with our heads held high and assemble for a month-long people’s summit … we’ll march and chant and sing and shout and exercise our right to tell our elected representatives what we want … the constitution will be our guide.
Look out Chicago. Adbusters goes on to say it will present a list of demands, and if the demands aren't met, it will retaliate with flashmobs, and other acts targeting "the shut down stock exchanges, campuses, corporate headquarters and cities across the globe" 


Adbusters says it will "make the price of doing business as usual too much to bear."

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