Friday, January 27, 2012

Hank and the "Haters"

Congressman Hank Johnson at it again, saying something that undermines his credibility. This time the Atlanta area Democrat isn't worried about Guam tipping over. He's on Twitter addressing a tweet to Haters.

Does Mr. Johnson assume all who don't support the politics of President Obama are haters? What kind of congressman would address people among his constituents and others as haters in a shotgun fashion like this?

NY Times via Washington Post
Johnson's tweet links to a chart that purports President Bush's policies led to spending that did far more damage to the national deficit than Mr. Obama's. But the chart has its problems.

It doesn't account for during the last two years of the Bush administration, the federal budget originated in a House of Representatives controlled by Democrats and led by Nancy Pelosi.

I see no accounting for Mr. Obama's doubling down on the war in Afghanistan. Or his military intervention over Libya.

Also note that the tally in the Bush column appears to be based on actual spending. The tally on the Obama side is figured using "projections" through 2017. What kind of criteria was provided to result in these projections? How many times have Washington projections made five years out  proven accurate? It also appears the chart was created to accompany an editorial in the New York Times, not an objective analysis piece.

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