Monday, January 9, 2012

Electability? Another way to look at November 2012

Establishment Republicans insist Mitt Romney is the most electable in the GOP presidential field. Others in the party counter that Romney can't energize the party's core conservative base.

Is the electable Romney theory really the way to go? Or would the GOP actually stand a better chance if it went with a firebrand to stir the party's conservative backbone?

What if we get an election where Romney takes a beating prior to election day (or otherwise simply fails to inspire), and conservatives just stay home. What are the chances the House also slides Democrat with a Romney defeat, and that Dems pick up additional Senate seats?

I suspect there's strategic value to at least consider that someone the party establishment considers unelectable would be better suited if they are able to energize the GOP conservative base. While conventional wisdom would then cast the presidential race as a bit riskier, a true conservative stands a better change of energizing the troops to make Congressional gains - something just as important as the presidential contest.

Republicans went the safe route with an electable McCain in 2008. I fear the party is doing down the very same road again.

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