Friday, January 27, 2012

Enough with the moon

"A Trip to the Moon" 1902
Newt Gingrich misses the mark.

When JFK pitched, and committed, to a lunar landing in the 1960s, it was as much about seeking technology to prevail in the Cold War as it was about exploring space. Kennedy's message and mission was right for his time.

But today when Gingrich talks of returning to the moon, it sounds as out of place as when President Obama tried to invoke a "Sputnik moment" in last year's State of the Union Address.

Years ago, when actor James Garner was filming the mini-series Space at Cape Canaveral, someone asked him if he'd like to go into space one day. Garner was quick to drawl back, "No, I'm having enough trouble on Earth." Mr. Gingrich should take a cue from Mr. Garner's honesty.

With growing global financial crises and a federal deficit that grows ever higher, don't try to distract us with talk of the moon. Let's get our house in order before we try to export ourselves beyond our own planet.

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