Sunday, January 22, 2012

A loony way to endorse Romney

The Pensacola News Journal endorses Mitt Romney in the Florida GOP primary.

But it has an odd way of doing it:

Four years ago, this newspaper endorsed U.S. Sen. John McCain in our state's GOP presidential preference primary. At the time, McCain was trailing badly in the polls and seemed to have little chance of winning. 
But we felt that McCain would be the best choice in terms of what was best not only for the nation, but for Florida and for our area. McCain went on to be the Republican nominee where, unfortunately, his good ideas were diluted by the circus sideshow that was Sarah Palin. 
This year, for the Jan. 31 Republican primary election, we recommend former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney...

First, brag on endorsing McCain? And then take a swipe at Sarah Palin? The Journal gives two reasons for conservatives to disregard its 2012 pitch before letting readers know what it is.

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