Saturday, January 7, 2012

More voices add to Don and Doug's

Since Don and I began our Don and Doug webcast more than a year ago, we've preached the vulnerabilities of today's just-in-time economy.

For example, for many items, retailers today often have no more than a few days worth on inventory on site. They are dependent on computer-controlled inventory systems and rush in additional stock as the need arises. Local warehouses may be stocked in much the same manner.

While modern conveniences and systems make life easier and make businesses more efficient, these same systems introduce weakness in being able to provide normal service levels when disasters or unexpected events occur.

Now I see, other voices are coming forward with a similar message.

A recent article in the U.K. Telegraph declares:
The UK could stand "at most a week" of disruption if a natural or man-made disaster struck before severe problems, economic and social, that would bring chaos to the country, according to a new report from the international affairs thinktank Chatham House.
The root report from Chatham House is available here.

If your community or region would be hit by a disaster or some other black swan event, would you be ready to carry on despite disruptions? Or does your personal lifestyle revolve around just-in-time model as well? Would you have enough food, water and other basics on hand if resupply was unavailable for an undetermined amount of time?

If your sources of goods and services operate under a just-in-time model, maybe it's time to do what granny did: Have your own backup inventory at home.

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