Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Report recommends more DHS emphasis on local policing

A report released this week from the Aspen Institute suggests the focus of the Department of Homeland Security will become far more focused on local police functions - apparently with the federal agents put in place to monitor local police agencies as those agencies monitor for 'threats':

As threat grows more localized, the prospect that a state/local partner will generate the first lead to help understand a new threat, or even an emerging cell, will grow. And the federal government’s need to train, and even staff, local agencies, such as major city police departments, will grow. Because major cities are the focus for threat, these urban areas also will become the sources of intelligence that will help understand these threats at the national level, DHS might move toward decentralizing more of its analytic workforce to partner with state/local agencies in the collection and dissemination of intelligence from the local level.
Department of Homeland Security personnel to staff local police departments?

While the suggestion may be made in good faith, there's danger in placing ever increasing federal control over more and more institutions in our society.

DHS staffing inside local police agencies begins to sound reminiscent of the old Soviet model where political officers were inserted into organisations to insure loyalty to the party and adherence to party policy.

Big Sis says if you see something, say something. I see a Department of Homeland Security that's become too big for its britches.

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