Thursday, January 19, 2012

White House terrorism meeting described as "vague"

The White House hosted local law enforcement officials this week for a briefing on homegrown terrorism.

According to a report, at least one attendee felt something was missing at the session:
“I find it astounding how [Secretary] Napolitano could be so longwinded yet never once used the words “Islamic,” “Islamists,” “Muslim terrorists,” or any names of known terror groups. It’s as if Holder and Napolitano never read the report issued by the House Committee on Homeland Security, chaired by Congressman Peter King during 2011,” said one of the attendees who requested anonymity since his superior is a Democrat mayor.
According to Jim Kouri's Law Enforcement Examiner, the meeting seemed to focus on things like Obama administration efforts to create a new curriculum of federal guidelines for local law enforcement to follow.  The meeting also pitched Obama's Job's Bill which seeks to increase the federal government's financial reach into the operations of local policing around the country.  

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