Friday, February 24, 2012

Adjustable sights on small guns

Adjustable sights on an older
Charter Arms Pathfinder .22
Over the years, I've heard lots of people mock adjustable sights on short barrel handguns. Especially on .22s.

Then last night, it hit me. Suppose you have a beefier .38 or .357 revolver with fixed sights, and it shoots just a tad  to the left, right, up or down? With practice, you learn to compensate. But what if you want to use a .22 as a stand-in for cheaper target practice?

With adjustable sights on .22s like the Taurus Model 94 or some Charter Arms Pathfinder models, if you like, you can set their sights to mimic the sights of your carry gun - including any error.

Just a thought.

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