Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guns, gold and political observations on the next Don and Doug

Don and I each spent time dealing with gun dealers in the past week. We'll share some observations. Don also stopped by the CMP store in Anniston, Alabama and saw racks of Garands ready for new homes. And I'll talk about my new "black rifle."

Don also had some interesting conversations at a coin dealer's shop this week. He'll fill us in.

And then there's politics. Tuesday's primary in Michigan had a light turn out - or was a near record breaker - all depends on who you talk to. After being fed so much spin for so many months, my hunch is a bunch of voters have reached their spin saturation points. How many won't even bother with Super Tuesday ballots?

There's some other political stuff we want to get to as well. Join us Thursday (March 1) at 1:00 pm EST for Don and Doug on  You can also listen direct by clicking here.

Update: The March 1st Don and Doug is now available from start-to-finish here.

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