Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Marlin 795 first range report

Had a few spare minutes today, so I popped into an indoor pistol range near my house with the new Marlin 795 I picked up last weekend.

Outstanding performance.

First target shows impact from the
Marlin's first rounds fired
I was primarily shooting to test function, not sighting. I'll be adding a set of Tech-Sights when they come.

But using the basic factory sights at 15 yards (close to the max distance at this pistol range), I was impressed. Groupings were very tight.

Again, I'll stress, I was shooting for function, not sight accuracy. I put three brands of ammo through the gun.

The first was Remington Thunderbolt .22 round nose. One failure to feed in 20 rounds. New gun, it may need breaking in.

After warming up, this is the
day's final target
Then I went to some Winchester bulk pack stuff a guy gave me at a range a couple years ago. The rounds would not feed through his AR's .22 adapter, and he became so frustrated he just wanted to dump the stuff. I haven't had much luck with with it either, it's jammed up every semi-auto I've tried. In the Marlin, it delivered two jams in fewer than ten rounds. I gave up (I haven't bought Winchester .22 rounds since I was a kid. I hope this box of 333 was simply a fluke, and not representative of current production. It works okay in .22 revolvers).

Finally, I moved on to shoot several mags of Blazer bulk pack stuff. No failures or hang-ups. Just perfect.

I'm very pleased with the new rifle. Can't wait for the better sights to arrive. And for an opportunity to try it at greater distance.

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