Sunday, February 12, 2012

More government reach where it doesn't belong

It looks like President Obama wants to do more meddling with our money.

Early leaks of the president's proposed national budget say it will include billions to expand community colleges' industry-focused jobs training programs. And there will also be a call to spend additional millions on something calls the Middle East and North Africa Incentive Fund to advance democratic and economic reforms in those regions.

Sorry, these don't cut it. 

More centralized control over community colleges will likely only make them less responsive to local needs. Inserting federal money, with strings attached, means these schools will need Washington to sign off as they try to move forward. Federally directed jobs training has a long, long history of failure. I say, leave control of community colleges where it belongs - with the local community.

As for the Middle East and North Africa? Will pouring more money into democracy efforts make things better? The administration repeatedly made the wrong calls in 2011. After watching the administration applaud the overthrow of Egypt's government, and seeing the results of Mr.Obama's gift of air support to murderous revolutionary thugs in Libya, does anyone expect Obama's team will do any better if it throws hundreds of millions of additional dollars at these regions going forward?

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