Saturday, February 18, 2012

Studying the Occupy movement for college credit

As progressive educators rush to Occupy movement under study in university classrooms, Glenn Reynolds, writing in the Wall Street Journal, suggests some conservative points that should be incorporated into the Occupy classroom curriculum.

His point about college loans seems especially on target:
1) The Higher Education Bubble and Debt Slavery Throughout History. Since ancient times, debt has been a tool used by rulers to enslave the ruled, which is why the Bible explains that the borrower is the slave to the lender. One complaint of many Occupy protesters involves their pursuit of expensive degrees that has left them burdened by student loans but unable to find suitable employment. This unit would compare the marketing of higher education and student debt to today's students with the techniques used to lure sharecroppers and coal miners into irredeemable indebtedness. Music to be provided by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
How many still remember Tennessee Ernie's 1955 hit with 16 Tons

How many collegians will only grow another day older and deeper in debt by taking an Occupy college course that, more likely than not, will be more about progressive indoctrination than anything else?

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