Friday, February 10, 2012

Suggestive marketing

Merchandising seems to be getting bolder with not-so-subtle messages that something big may be coming.

Cheaper Than Dirt via The Blaze
Pitch lines like A new revolution - Buy guns online or Zombie ammo: Just in case can sure grab your attention.

Do product makers and sellers really believe in the veiled messages they apparently intended to put in their marketing pitch? Or are they just pandering to a growing market that does?

You can't blame people if they sense something is brewing. The government seems to be operating under the same assumption.

Images of a sniper nest overlooking the Super Bowl do not convey a sense of normalcy.

With no credible threats concerning the Super Bowl, Homeland Security seemed to use its high profile armed presence in Indy as a public relations and marketing ploy for its ever growing state security apparatus.

Just like Hornady pitches Zombie ammo, Homeland Security seems to tell us we need unprecedented levels of invasive, armed, government-provided security just in case.

When government takes the lead and uses vast resources to pitch paranoia, it's not surprising commercial marketers also pick up on the theme.

From DHS video produced for showing at Walmart check-out lines (2010)

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  1. So true. My biggest concern is that the gov't and LSM will succeed in pushing conservatives and TEA Party patriots toward a violent response.

    That's exactly what this administration needs. What they have been preparing for. If we give it to them, we lose. Everything.