Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today's Fast and Furious hearing

Here's a few highlights I took out of today's House Oversight hearing with Attorney General Holder:

Democrats speak as if they have all the information they need to dismiss concerns Fast and Furious had ties to top Department of Justice or other high administration officials.

Republicans question what may be hidden in tens of thousands of documents being withheld by the DOJ. I have to ask:  How can Democrats believe they have the whole picture if they've only seen a small fraction of the related material?

According to Eric Holder's testimony, top appointees in the Obama administration still refrain from discussing Fast and Furious among themselves, instead leaving any interaction to underlings. When you consider the broad implications on the scandal at home and in Mexico, this failure to communicate comes across like dereliction of duty. Sounds to me like a deliberate attempt to contain political damage.

Don and I will make comments from the hearing a part of today's Don and Doug at 1:00 pm EST on  Join us if you can!

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