Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are guns the new gold?

The "We buy gold" pitch has been big in recent years. On-line and storefront retail operations have been making their very public offers to buy any "old" gold that you don't want for several years now.

This morning, I received on email from a major on-line firearms retailer making a similar pitch to buy used guns.

With rising demand for firearms, and many retail buyers looking for lower cost alternatives to buying new, the pitch by gun dealers to acquire more used inventory makes sense.

So far, I've just seen the one company making an on-line effort to buy used guns. But I'll be looking to see if others adopt efforts to acquire those unwanted guns just sitting in drawers or closets.


  1. I am one of the gold buyers and I prefer to buy a gold gun. I have not heard of a company making an effort to buy used guns until I have read your post. I check your next post regarding this topic.