Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The damage is done

Low interest rates now mask the damage that's been done by mounting federal debt.

The Wall Street Journal is among the latest to lay out the danger in an article published this week.

Read it. Understand it.

Voting Republican won't fix it. Seriously bad times lay ahead regardless of who's in the White House.

We've covered this theme before on Don and Doug. We'll take it up again on tomorrow's show.

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  1. It should become obvious to everyone that we are all passengers on the good financial ship AMERICA, and we have indeed (as with the RMS TITANIC) hit our iceberg --- even though we saw it coming while the helmsman (under orders from Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and others) kept a steady heading and speed towards the impending disaster. Our good ship's captain Obama (on his first voyage in command of anything, all the while with no proven experience), combined with the advice and willing assistance of his vessel's socialist officers and crew, has clearly and deliberately steamed full speed ahead with his and their agenda to steer the vessel into harm's way --- and they have succeeded. In this case, however, as the ship heads to the depths of Davey Jones' Locker, the captain and his minions will be the ones on the available lifeboats and we the passengers are along for one hell of a memorable final ride. There will be no SS CALIFORNIA or RMS CARPATHIA to come to our rescue. This analogy may appear frivolous, but we indeed are heading for a disaster of such magnitude that historians will be writing about this for years to come. Combine this financial nightmare with the created mortgage problems, our current unemployment/underemployment, gas prices through the roof (it hurts so much to fill the gas tank that my disposable/discretionary income is disappearing) and the rising prices of goods, and then if Obama gets reelected --- this is a recipe of our social destruction. I can not see why most Americans do not see this coming. They can surely pay attention to their mindless sports on TV and feel good about watching millionaires (pro athletes) playing a game while the ticket prices are skyrocketing along with the athletes' paychecks --- all at the public's expense. This is another story in itself. In any event, our national financial structure is about to collapse and the media simply ignores it. No wonder paper subscriptions are down.