Friday, March 23, 2012

The Maginot Line

During this week's show, I referenced a little ditty from 1939 by British entertainer George Formby.

Imagine Me on the Maginot Line was a big hit for Mr. Formby. One performance was captured in newsreel film of the era. It's a song about soldiers called to defend France as Nazi storm clouds gathered.

Not a lot of urgency in Formby's lyrics, however:
Now it's turned out nice again
The Army life is fine
French girls make a fuss of me
I'm not French as you can see
But I know what they mean when they say "oui, oui"
Down on the Maginot Line
How many today have a Formby-like cheery assessment as clouds linger over our economy? Or gather over the Middle East?

By May 1940, British troops were nowhere near the Maginot Line. They had dumped their gear and made a hasty retreat toward Dunkirk.

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