Sunday, March 18, 2012

Now DHS is buying rifle ammo

Fresh on the heels of awarding a contract to buy up to 450 million rounds of .40 caliber pistol ammunition, the Department of Homeland Security is looking to buy a bunch of rifle ammo too.

A solicitation posted on a government website says DHS seeks a contractor or contractors to provide up to 175 million rounds of Enhanced Performance and Standard Duty .223 ammo over a period of up to five years:
Requirement:  The total requirement is to provide an estimated 33 million rounds of .223 Remington Caliber SD and 2 million rounds of .223 Remington Caliber EP Ammunition in the base year and an estimated 33 million rounds of .223 Remington Caliber SD and 2 million rounds of .223 Remington Caliber EP ammunition in each of four option years in accordance with Attachment 2, Statement of Work for .223 Remington Caliber SD and .223 Remington Caliber EP Ammunition. 
The deadline for submitting bids on the rifle ammo solicitation has been extended until April 12, 2012.

With commercial retailers continuing to report strong ammo demand from civilian customers, and now the federal government chiming in with hefty contracts, it looks like 2012 will be another banner years for ammunition makers.

Update August 19, 2012: DHS document reveals plans for a new .223 supply contract didn't go as expected.


  1. Is anyone putting two and two together on this and coming up to something other than four? It would not surprise me to believe that almighty obama and his socialist government minions are seriously thinking about internal dissent if he were to somehow get re-elected by the masses of minorities who will only vote because of his ethnicity (take a look at the "African-Americans for Obama" website. Is there one from La Raza for him?). Most hard-working people are definitely afraid of what he is doing to this country and the ramifications thereof that will probably never be overcome. They are furthermore more afraid of what he will do if he were to be in office for another term -- he may attempt to disarm the American citizenry (negate the 2d Amendment) and this would force the DHS into the position of actually confronting Americans who will not abide to his socialist/fascist takeover. The vast majority of local police departments do not have the firepower or assets the feds have to violently overcome any opposition: remember federal agencies handle federal issues and have federal assets and federal warrants and federal judges. I certainly do not see DHS doing anything to control the southern border, and this makes getting all of this ammo quite suspicious in intent. Now the further question to be asked: are the DHS feds increasing their weaponry as well?

    1. And why do you think he is waiting for another term? I missed that part.

  2. If you think your current government is socialist, then you have no idea what socialism is. To most of Europe your government is right-wing; it is further right i.e. pro-capitalist than the current right-wing UK government. And by pro-capitalist I mean that it favours the worst excesses of capitalism. Democratic countries who happen to elect a socialist government are not in favour of abolishing capitalism, merely of curbing its excesses in terms of tax cheating by the extremely rich, exploitation of employees and banks gambling with other people's money. The guns the DHS are buying are to stifle legitimate protest by movements like Occupy.

  3. @anonymous

    Legitimate protest movements? You mean, those very same that get "thrills up their leg" by purposfully damaging personal property? Please, get a grip.

    Excessive what exactly? You mean government leaders who don't pay taxes yet continue to tell me I must pay more? You mean spending money on "green" programs that go bankrupt once favors have been repaid? You mean tax cheats that stump for Obama and yet own over a billion themselves? Or wait, you must mean killing jobs to the point that more Americans than ever are on a public dole that is paid for with borrowed money, right?

    You need your head examined.

  4. Time to start flushing out employees of DHS and put them on record so we know who the enemies of the free people of the US are when the ballon goes up in their surge grasp at power. The time is growing near I fear.