Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rush blew it

Rush Limbaugh blew it big time. Limbaugh read into contraception activist Sandra Fluke's comments to members of Congress something that's not even there.

Fluke did not speak to personal experience about sex or contraception except in citing examples she allegedly heard from others. Even when citing contraceptive costs, her words do not disclose that she's paid the now famous (or infamous) sum of $3,000. She just threw a figure out, prefaced by a "you know."

Read the transcript closely. There's an especially interesting line in her comments - if you take the words literally:
When I look around my campus, I see the faces of the women affected by this lack of contraceptive coverage. 
And especially in the last week, I have heard more and more of their stories. On a daily basis, I hear yet from another woman from Georgetown or from another school or who works for a religiously-affiliated employer, and they tell me that they have suffered financially and emotionally and medically because of this lack of coverage.  
And so, I’m here today to share their voices, and I want to thank you for allowing them – not me – to be heard.
Fluke's in training to be a lawyer. You'd expect her to use precise wording.

Limbaugh didn't parse her words well. And because of it, he allowed himself to say something really stupid. He put the spotlight on his words, and has become the issue. As a result, few now take the time to dissect the emotionally calculated (and unsubstantiated) nature of the rhetoric presented by Ms. Fluke, who is a well-trained, long-time progressive feminist activist pursuing an agenda in tandem with the Obama administration.

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