Monday, March 19, 2012

Special time for 'Don and Doug' this week

To accommodate events beyond our control, Don and Doug will be live at 1:00 pm ET on Wednesday this week instead of the usual Thursday webcast.

What's on our hot list?

Victory Through Air Power. Did you know the United States Air Force has two entire squadrons  exclusively dedicated to the election year travel needs of the president.  No, not just Air Force One and it's twin. There's also two entire transport squadrons just waiting for Obama's team to call. No kidding.

Big ammo buys. The Department of Homeland Security just awarded a contract for up to 450 million pistol rounds of ammo. That's more than double the department's last ammo order that was supposed to cover a similar period. And DHS isn't finished buying. It's looking for bids to provide another 175 million rounds of rifle ammo.

Which brings us to President Obama's Friday night Executive Order regarding Emergency Preparedness, a document that, in part, details which cabinet member is in charge of wresting control of each aspect of the U.S. economy if the country were to face some undisclosed emergency. Some assess the document as big government business as usual. Others declare it a blueprint to install American fascism. We'll kick it around and see what we come up with.

Don and Doug is a live weekly two-hour webcast that also runs in replay on after its initial live presentation. Join us at our special time this week, 1:00pm EST on Wednesday as we go about connecting the dots in perilous times.   

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