Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tide is now a black market currency?

Tide, the laundry detergent from Proctor and Gamble, now sells retail for $10 to $20 per bottle? The Daily reports Tide's grown so pricey, it's now the target of massive, organised thefts; and is even used as a black market currency in drug transactions.

If this is any indication, things don't bode well for the dollar. Criminals seem to have caught on it's dumb to stick with greenbacks that are losing  purchasing power, when you can be holding Tide which is rising in value. The same store-of-value concept works for other commodities too.

Tide is providing an example of what to expect when hyper-inflation becomes apparent.

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  1. Shades of good ole Howard Ruff's advice in the 1970s bout of inflation which will prove to have been tame compared to what is coming. He said buy anything that you use and that has a significant shelf life whenever you find it on a good sale and buy it in multiple case lots. My wife and I have been doing that since he first advised it and it has served us well. It is definitely the strategy of the future.