Saturday, March 24, 2012

U.S. Department of the Interior also buying ammo

Looks like the Department of the Interior and its National Park Service are (or were recently)  seeking bids on ammunition. Mostly .45 ACP pistol rounds, 12 gauge shotgun shells, and a little .308 thrown in for good measure.

Here's the load sought for delivery to the U.S. Park Police in Washington DC:
12 ga 00B Lead Free Frangible: All 20 cases (5000 rds.)12 ga Lead Free Frangible Slug: All 20 cases (5000 rds.)12 ga 8 pellet reduced recoil 00B: 32 cases (8000 rds.)12 ga reduced recoil slug: 32 cases (8000 rds.).45 ACP 230 grain tactical HP: All 200 cases (100,000 rds.).45 ACP 175 grain frangible lead free: All 160 cases (80,000 rds.).308 168 grain Sierra BTHP: All 80 cases (16,000 rds.)
Other parts of the bid were to be delivered directly to San Franciso and Staten Island, New York. It's unclear from the bid request where the ammo would be distributed once delivered.

It's a small order by DHS standards. But I'd guess 180,000 rounds of pistol ammo might last a while. I had no idea National Park Police carried .45's. Upon further checking, I see several notations on the web that the Park Service is apparently fond of Sig P220s.

One thing is becoming clear in recent weeks. Agencies of the federal government are either stockpiling or burning through some ammo.

Updated 6:50 pm EDT 3/26/2012

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