Monday, March 5, 2012

Vacuum packed ammo

Anyone (besides me) ever consider using a Food Saver to vacuum pack ammunition for long-term storage?

Seems like it might have advantages especially in humid climates. Or for stuff stored in a cabin or on a boat.

Who knows. It might even extend the shelf-life of ammo - which can often last 30 years or more just packed in a cardboard box and tucked in a dresser drawer.

For climate-proof storage, a plastic bag is a lot cheaper than an ammo can. Can anyone think of any drawbacks?

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  1. I once has a house fire that was confined, by a closed door, to my workshop and ammo storage room. Loose ammo, ammo in paper boxes, and ammo in plastic bags was damaged or destroyed. All ammo in G.I. ammo cans was undamaged---even in cases where the paint was scorched on the can. But under normal conditions the sealed plastic storage should stop corrosion---no moisture and no oxygen = no corrosion.