Monday, March 26, 2012

Coming up Thursday on 'Don and Doug'

We're back with a new Don and Doug on Thursday, March 29.  Among the stuff we'll hit on:

Just wait until after the election. Obama makes whispers to the Russians about our missile defenses.  There's also a lot of other stuff set to trigger in 2013 and beyond. American life as we know it may change radically regardless of who is elected.

Left and right, there's crazy talk on the Internet. How can you decide what's true and what's not? We live in an era that requires personal discernment. Are you up to challenge?

We've found the goverment seeks to make yet another big ammo buy. 180,000 rounds of .45 pistol ammo is sought for delivery to an agency warehouse in Washington DC.

The show's unscripted, so who knows what else we'll work in. Your calls are welcome too at 678-344-9926. Join us Thursday at 1:00 pm EDT for the next live Don and Doug on

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