Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Airport security is broken..."

A former head of the TSA speaks out in today's Wall Street Journal:
More than a decade after 9/11, it is a national embarrassment that our airport security system remains so hopelessly bureaucratic and disconnected from the people whom it is meant to protect. Preventing terrorist attacks on air travel demands flexibility and the constant reassessment of threats. It also demands strong public support, which the current system has plainly failed to achieve.
Read the essay. It's good. 

I haven't taken a commercial flight since before 2000.  My wife, with two small children in tow, did shortly after 9-11, and it was a nightmare. So we've stayed away from air travel since. Not everyone can do that, and there's no formal no-fly rule with us. But, if we don't have to, why subject ourselves to full body scans, pat-downs and the inconvenience of other invasive acts simply because the government remains infatuated with big bureaucracy's charade of high profile airport security?

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  1. It's easy to point fingers after that disaster but in reality, it could happen anywhere at any time. Sure, security may sometimes need a wake up call for them to step it up a notch, it just so happened that 9/11 was a bit too much.