Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All eyes on Chicago

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From: Workers World
Meanwhile, it appears some Marxists and socialists and maybe some others are seeking to stir things up in Chicago on another front. Workers World proclaims Chicago has "Racist killer cops on the loose." Is Workers World trying to trigger a second wave of protests in Chicago? Or just trying to give locals motivation to join in the main fray?

Workers World opens its story with a lead paragraph invoking the Trayvon Martin case. Is the Chicago narrative they're pitching so lame they had to go there? Well... the article does cite three police involved incidents that Workers World says took place over the past seven years... and one of them didn't result in death.


Chicago had 118 homicides in the first quarter this year, and the body count has climbed even higher since then. I've asked it before, and I'll ask it again: Where's the activist rage over that?

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