Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coming up on May Day in Atlanta...

Don't know if they have the numbers to pull off a general strike, but at least Atlanta's communists are planning a May Day picnic:
Calling all Atlanta area communists, anarchists, and ultra lefties! 
The group of rebels, workers, occupiers, radicals and comrades organizing around the call for an international day of action this May Day (May 1st, 2012) is putting a call out for revolutionary and anti-capitalist workshops to take place all day at Coen Park on May first.  We ask that workshops maintain an anti-authritarian and anti-capitalist messege and remain compatible with the spirit of May Day and in solidarity with those who will be taking to the streets around the globe this May first.  We have secured Coen Park in Kirkwood off of Hosea Williams as a safe space to converge and be together.  We have already secured the permitts for Coen Park and hope to build this space up to be a hub of activity and a base for those participating in the strike and day of action throughout  the day.
I may go take some pictures. I suspect there's a bunch of people who think Atlanta communists exist only in the minds of paranoid conservatives.

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