Monday, April 30, 2012

Communists, Christians and an old propaganda drawing

I started working on this post a week or so ago. Since the Obama team debuted its Forward theme today, I'll just put it out there. There's plenty of imagery in this old piece of propaganda art.

First thing I noticed about this particular piece is that secular revolutionaries of Communism appear to be moving forward toward a risen (or rising) Red Star. 

Christians are shown moving the opposite direction. The implication appears to be Communism is the future, the Church is in the past.

At the same time, this poster (or page from a pamphlet) presents the Russian revolution as an event on par with the birth of Christ, an event to usher in radical change on an epic scale. 

Strikes me, based on imagery alone, there's a parallel here to how the Obama administration and its progressive allies portray their push against religious opposition to aspects of the Democrats' health care reforms. Think about how many times the mandate has been touted as a necessary move forward, while religious and other conservatives objections have been dismissed as hearkening back to a past or passing era.

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