Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coups, crackdowns and social unrest on tomorrow's 'Don and Doug'

Does the American military have a prescribed role in removing a rouge president? Don and I probe the concept on tomorrow's (April 12th) show.

A few years ago, RT put the question of military coup appropriateness to people in New York City. You can ponder the reaction it got between now and our show tomorrow:

Turning the tables, how far could a rouge president go in using America's military to grasp tighter control over our civilian population? If you're counting on Posse Comitatus to protect you, you may be disappointed. Would the military even be necessary? Or could a civilian police force grow to the point of serving as our army of occupation?

We continue tracking racial rhetoric and tension over the Trayvon Martin case. Is it really grassroots, or something more specifically engineered to benefit a political agenda? If things break bad, can those who agitate now control what they've started?

Meanwhile, progressives like Van Jones are back with calls for street action over so-called economic justice. Will this American Spring be anymore successful than Occupy Wall Street?

Have recent hot rhetoric, calls for street protest, and even talk of rioting made you change your personal routine? Let's talk about situational awareness to round out tomorrow's show.

Not sure in what order we'll tackle all this, but it's going to be packed two hours.

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