Friday, April 20, 2012

Final musings on Ted Nugent's draft status silliness

I honestly can't say which is more absurd: The High Times tale of poopy-pants Ted Nugent dodging the draft, or the mind numbed zombies on the left convinced the story's gospel. Based on what I've seen and heard (and I've likely wasted way too much time), it appears Nugent told a preposterous story a long time ago, and a weed lovin' rag published it unchallenged.

Try to apply logic and connect some dots. It's not like Nugent was living in the wilderness, or even on a hippie commune. He was a young, rising rocker with an established band called the Amboy Dukes. You'd think Nugent would have had his hands full with song writing, TV appearances, recording three albums between 1967 and 1969, rehearsals and reasonably well-packed concert schedule.

One online resource shows the band played the Carawee Ballroom in Flatrock, Michigan three days before the purported date of Nugent's physical, and then played Aquinas High School in Southgate the day after. So we're supposed to buy into a fantasy that he let himself go for a month and spent a week with soiled undies?

What chance would a rocker like Nugent have in fooling Selective Service with such a stinky ploy? Seems highly unlikely they're gonna cut slack when a guy in a rock band with a hit record (Journey to the Center of Your Mind reached #16 on the charts in '68) walks into a military physical and tries to pull a real life Alice's Restaurant routine.

I can't say 100 percent, but the draft dodger tale looks like nothing more than a bad joke gone too far.

But now that it fits the progressive agenda, the left suspends any notion of common sense and keeps right on repeating its Nugent talking point. It's kinda like that War on Women or man-made global warming or Obama's long-gone recovery summer. Flawed data is often spun as settled science and logic frequently ignored by those who still truly believe Obama and programs like Obamacare are the best bets for their future.

If anyone has real proof the Nugent story is true, let me know. The folks at Snopes might like to know as well.  That said, I'm moving on.

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