Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Left promises big things in the coming weeks

American Spring. That's what progressives and other left-leaning groups are cheering for. If the spin from Rebuild the Dream is any indication, it sounds like Occupy style gatherings may give way to a more structured protest agenda.

Rebuild the Dream is Van Jones' group. It's also the title of a book he's written (and is selling ). Jones, a former self-avowed communist and an ex-official in the Obama White House, also promised last fall that October would be the "turning point" in what he called "the progressive fight-back."  Best I can tell, delivery failed to match the promising hype.

It remains to be seen if American Spring can pull something more substantial together. Or if it's just another case of progressive overreach.

As of early Saturday morning, a Friday recruiting post on Rebuild the Dream's website (see image with link) shows only three retweets and five comments. That's hardly a reflection of a mass-movement.

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