Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The left's huge role in spreading Nugent's message

Yesterday and into last night, I saw so many stories quoting so many Democrats outraged at how violent or how inappropriate Ted Nugent's comments were at the NRA. I awaken now to see the story cycle continues this morning.

I wonder how many people actually heard Nugent's comments based on Nugent's own dissemination? What was his NRA audience? A couple hundred? And how many were really paying attention?

Thanks to left-wing, progressive activists who posted it online, the video has now had over 145,000 YouTube hits. And its message received play in other media as well.

Best I can tell, the original story that got things rolling appeared at Right Wing Watch. And it came along days after the world overlooked what was said.

Think about it. With one side of its mouth, the activist left disseminates Nugent's rhetoric to a mass audince. Meanwhile, the left's mouth's other side wants you to buy into spin that Nugent's comments are such a grave threat to the Obama government that they rate a Secret Service response.

Suggests to me that the left's not so much worried about Nugent saying what he did. It just wants to create enough stink that others shy away from the kind of fervent campaigning he engaged in. The left prefers a right that campaigns with lackluster predictability where the message is so meek, few bother to notice. Put anohter way, the left wants Republican campaigning to sound like business as usual.

Ironically, its tag-Ted strategy may have backfired. A huge crowd has now heard Nugent's call. And he did it so well, with a sales job no politician would dare, more everyday folks now realize just how important  November's election really is. It's called energizing the base, and Ted just energized a bunch of folks Romney's own milk-toast rhetoric never will.

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