Sunday, April 15, 2012

More on gun buying trends

It's not just new and sexy being snapped up in the on-going retail gun sales surge. Writing in the Daily Caller, the editor-in-chief at American Rifleman, notes a few trends:
Sales are up across just about every category, based on anecdotal conversations with firearms and industry contacts. In some cases this includes decades old designs. Defensive handguns are particularly strong, defensive shotguns are up, semi-automatic rifles are back up and .22s are extremely strong as well.
Some folks feel they've just gotta have the latest in black rifle technology, or most advanced battery powered optics. And that may be fine for them.

But for others, more simple, tried and true designs may be the way to go. They're often easier to maintain, and there's often a supply of good older model guns available used at prices well below buying new.

These themes are nothing new to regular listeners to Don and Doug

We've also talked shotgun value (both in terms of price and in self-defense applications), and poured on the praise for .22s in past programs.

While some makes and models are in short supply, there's still a cornucopia of  firearm options available. If you might be interested in a new (or new to you) gun, don't let tales of brisk sales or shortages push you into panic buying. Take enough time to know what you want and why you want it. A good gun can last a lifetime or two. But the wrong one can trigger buyer's remorse or, at the very least, dampen your enthusiasm for practice and maintenance.   

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