Saturday, April 21, 2012

More on the rise of tyranny and the bishop's warning

Tyrants don't come to power by promising evil. They often ease their way into a path of tyranny only after consolidating power beginning with deceptive campaigns promising goodwill. Even when their consolidation advances to begin silencing religious or other institutions, a state controlled or otherwise compliant or co-opted media often continues with propaganda along the original themes of goodwill.

Both Hitler and Stalin embraced images as men who would bring better lives to their countries. Loving images embracing children were common. Few dared speak when their actions took a more sinister direction. Slowly at first, religious and other institutions that might dare speak out were either co-opted or closed. At first, the people couldn't see what was happening or the danger it posed. By the time they did, it was too late.

The Catholic bishop in Peoria, Illinois is among those who believe he sees warning signs as the Obama administration escalates a secular agenda and is now doing so by targeting religious communities that live by a different set of values. Last weekend, Bishop Daniel Jenky spoke out, and urged Catholics to use their vote to turn back Obama's power-grab by voting to defend their faith in November.

Since speaking out, the bishop's come under attack. Ignoring history's lesson that tyranny starts with small steps, the Anti-Defamation League is among those raising protest over the bishop's call. The ADL now demands an apology for what it deems offensive comments. According to the ADL, the bishop's words diminish the significance of the Jewish holocaust. The ADL misses the bishop's point that secular consolidation and religious persecution that accompanies it, often starts small.

Bishop Jenky's example of Hilter and Stalin didn't cite their behavior at its worst, he talked about when they behaved at their best. It is disconcerting others seek to silence the bishop's warning. Intentionally or not, it's as though they seek to prevent us from even considering history's precedent, and wish to see us blindly plod down the road others have traveled unwilling to fathom what may come later.

No one has said Mr.Obama is leading us to another holocaust. For now, the warning is limited to his administration's goal of forcing religious institutions to go against their principles of faith to comply with a government's secular mandate. Action to force Catholic institutions to provide contraception coverage is a clear test of wills between the government and the church. Bishop Jenky warns Catholic entities will close their doors if the government mandate is not turned back. It's no longer just a political battle taking place, it's a spiritual one as well. And it's Obama's government that's force the escalation.

If government is allowed to trample Catholic conscience now, take time to ponder what it might target next. It's not just Catholic teaching that's at risk of being trampled, it's the concept of constitutional protections clearly articulated in the First Amendment.

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