Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ted Nugent's pro-Romney rant

The left's gunning for Ted Nugent after the aging rocker and gun guy made a hot rant to vote Romney to an audience gathered around him at the NRA convention in Saint Louis.

How hot was this rant? A bunch of people on the left quickly rebuked the violence in Nugent's words, and media report the rant has drawn the attention of the Secret Service.

Courtesy: Right Wing Watch via YouTube.com

What strikes me most about Nugent's comments isn't so much what he says, but how is says it. This is what political speech sounded like in America once upon a time. All or nothing, do or die, liberty or death kind of stuff. I can easily picture an impassioned Patrick Henry invoking similar style were he and his cause a contemporary one. Or envision Samuel Adams delivering a Nuge-like appeal to to a colonial crowd near Boston Harbor.

Then again, if Pat or Sam were around today, they'd likely be some Big Sis no-fly and homegrown terror watch lists. They might even have a Homeland Security drone following 'em around. It's silly to hear Nugent accused of an assassination threat, or that the Secret Service is conducting appropriate follow-up

Sounds to me like Ted just spoke off-the-cuff and spoke from the heart. And we have First Amendment protections to cover us when we do things like that. 

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