Sunday, April 15, 2012

That's quite a scandal involving the Secret Service, and now some military

First it was Secret Service agents and now some military personnel have been linked to the apparent prostitution scandal tied to the president's trip to Cartagena, Columbia.

Some may scoff and say it's nothing, and likely say individuals engaging in sex antics are nothing new. But the fact that so many involved in the president's security team are suspected of engaging in compromising activity is no laughing matter. 

A compromised individual with a key security assignment is vulnerable to blackmail and could be co-opted by those seeking to to extort presidential (or other national) security information.

A lapse in judgement by one or two members of an advance presidential security team would be bad enough, but one that appears this widespread is nothing short of alarming.  It also begs inquiry whether this was a first time breach, or whether this kind of inappropriate behavior has happened on other trips either undetected or unchecked, allowing it to trend wider over time. 

It's hard to believe so many would cross the line for the first time at the same time.

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