Thursday, April 19, 2012

They go after the bishop now

The cycle of progressives protesting Ted Nugent's liberty rant may be winding down, but a similar cycle targeting the Catholic bishop in Peoria, Illinois may just be starting.

If you heard Don and Doug today, or read my blog earlier this week, you know Bishop Daniel Jenky last weekend urged Catholics to actively defend their faith against attack by secular government. In his homily, Jenky compared the tactics used by the Obama administration to those practiced by Stalin and Hitler.

The Anti-Defamation League finds the bishop's remarks offensive, and demands an apology, according the NBC station in Chicago. The ADL apparently feels the bishop's remarks trivialize holocaust deaths.

We hadn't seen the ADL story, but Don and I embraced Jenky's message on our show today. Throughout history, rulers with a thirst for power have set to silence the role and influence of the church in attempts to consolidate ever more control under the secular state. That's the point Jenky was making. Neither Stalin or Hitler started big. Theirs was a gradual process, snipping away at religious life and institutions before erupting into full-blown evil on an undeniably massive scale.

Our government may still be in the baby (more likely intermediate) steps of a similar grasp, but it quickly moves into what becomes advanced territory by its trampling of religious conviction to enforce  mandatory contraception coverage.

Strikes me as odd the ADL doesn't see the danger.  There is no shame in taking cues from history, noting the signs, and declaring a warning. The time to turn back overreach (tyranny) is at the early stages. Seems to me, it was silence that allowed Stalin and Hitler to advance as they did. But now the ADL seeks to silence a bishop who dared warn of similar trends arising again. Just makes no sense.

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