Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trick for starting fussy vehicles

I've got an older motor home than can drain a battery quick when trying to start it after a season or two in storage. This morning, I got it to turn over in about 15 seconds.

I shot a small dash of carburetor cleaner in the air intake, and it started right up. I didn't even bother to pop the hood this time, just sprayed the shot through the grill and into the intake.

Used the same trick to revive a relative's old pickup a couple weeks ago. We think it had been sitting dormant for over a year. It also worked to fire up an old tiller that had been in storage for years, firing up on the third pull.

I guess I should add a disclaimer to use it moderation. And make sure an engine has sufficient oil and fresh gas (gasoline can go stale over time) before cranking. But a small can of starting fluid or carb cleaner may go a long way to get old things running fast, or prevent you from getting stuck somewhere if all you've got to roll in is a fussy old RV. I also keep a dedicated can of the stuff stored near my portable emergency generator. A generator's no good unless you can get it to crank.

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