Wednesday, May 9, 2012

American Ceasar

There's a line in President Obama's gay marriage pitch that's really hit a nerve.

It has nothing to do with gays and everything to do with Obama's Ceasar-like attitude.
"When I think about those soldiers, Marines, airmen, sailors who are out there acting on my behalf..."
How much longer will the American people let this arrogance continue? Members of our military have sworn to defend our country and the Constitution. Obama speaks of them like they're his personal pawns.

Meanwhile, Obama raked in a cool million on his gay marriage spiel.

And he did it in just 90 minutes.

Tuesday's North Carolina vote set the stage. The LGBT community suffered an emotional sting. Obama's campaign knew they'd want to strike back, and was ready to capitalize on the emotional rollercoaster.

So today, Obama rang the bell, and the gay community whipped out its debit and credit cards.

Obama played 'em on cue. Just like Pavlov played his dogs.

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