Monday, May 21, 2012

A conservative resource for evaluating Romney's candidacy

Philip Klein has a new e-book.

"Conservative Survival in the Romney Era"

Here's part of the description at
Conservatives embraced a team mentality when Republicans last held power under President Bush and the size and scope of government exploded as a result. With an unsustainable welfare state propelling the nation toward an inevitable fiscal crisis, the United States cannot afford for this to happen again. It is one thing for conservatives to vote for Romney over the much worse President Obama, but it’s another thing to refrain from criticizing him when he does violence to conservative principles.
I agree with Klein. Romney is, at best, a stop-gap candidate to stop Obama's push to fundamentally change America. And Klein's right, Republicanism doesn't necessary equate to conservatism. I've blogged before how Mitt Romney could be a weak protector of conservative principles, if not an outright advocate for progressive ones. But I've also seen how Obama has become more radical as he campaigns for re-election. And in Obama's own words, he'll have more flexibility to pursue an even more unpopular agenda if given a second term.

If Romney's the best shot at removing Obama, so be it. But his lack of solid conservative pedigree means he must be held accountable. And it also shows the need for conservatives to put strong emphasis on vetting and supporting right-thinking candidates for the House and Senate in November.

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