Friday, May 11, 2012

Denouncing a call to arms

Sadly, the Republican Party in Greene County, Virginia seems to cherish political correctness over Jeffersonian principles of liberty.

The party, after taking some heat for an editorial published in a newsletter in March, issued a statement denouncing its reference to 'armed revolution.'  Then, just two paragraphs later in the same statement, it repeats Thomas Jefferson's own words that seem very much in line with the sentiment expressed by their now defrocked newsletter editor.

The new position of Greene County Republicans? Should Barack Obama win reelection, keep busy raising your families and paying your taxes. And put up with whatever the government sends your way.

I don't advocate violence. I don't cheer a call to arms. I pray that such circumstances never come to this country. But when government knows the people have no will to resist, government will increasingly trample on their rights. We the people have done a rotten job setting boundaries for government in recent years and in many cases, government hasn't respected the ones we have set.

Do we simply let the trend continue forever?

The Greene County GOP guys post images of the Founding Fathers including two of Thomas Jefferson on their website. Would Greene County Republicans have stood with these men in the revolution, or would they have denounced their rebellious voices and advised family and friends to keep paying taxes to the crown?

From: Greene County Republican Committee

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