Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diggin' away... now the growing kicks in

Thriving tomatoes

Here's a quick veggie garden update.

We'd tilled a bigger space than last year's, but other stuff in our lives kept us from getting seedlings started and stuff in the ground in a timely manner. So I confess, we're mostly growing from plants bought from Lowe's or Home Depot this year.

Everything's been out about a month now. We've had some dry spells, and have only watered sporadically. But the tomatoes are quick-climbing toward the sun. We've already got a bunch of greenies on the vines.

 Baby corn plant
Squash, zucchinis and green bell peppers are part of this year's mix. And we're trying a few watermelon vines too. We stick with stuff we hope wild rabbits won't eat.

On a lark, I sewed a few short rows of corn seed in an area that probably doesn't get near enough sun.

We'll give another update in a few weeks. I'm still tempted to dig another small plot or two and put some additional stuff out. Last year, we were harvesting tomatoes well into November. And eating what we picked until around New Year's.

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