Sunday, May 20, 2012

The G-8 summit is underway

Don't expect any economic break through for Europe. The bunch at Camp David seems to focus on the same type 'fixes' that keep failing.

Our own Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner seems to be celebrating what he sees as some leaders taking a softer tone.

We're about four years into a progressing economic crisis. Europe especially is losing ground fast.

Timmy thinks a softer tone is gonna make things better? That's a huge part of the problem. Years have been wasted on Band-Aids, so-called solutions that only patched things up long enough so that the public didn't connect the dots about how bad they were.

President Obama's advice to Europe seems even more disingenuous. Mr. Obama's telling Europe to ease up on austerity and focus on economic growth. Problem is, growth's about as real as Obama's shovel ready projects were when he promised they'd revive the American economy in 2009.

And so the decline continues. The only question seems to be, when does the next sub-crisis take us another hard-step down? The strategy of the Obama administration seems to be to delay recognition of the reality until after the November election.  But as troubles keep mounting, more people are taking notice that things really are getting worse at home or abroad. 

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