Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The GOP doesn't get it

Their core constituency is watching. Yet the Republican Party that promised in 2010 to put Barack Obama in check if given the House now appears to cower in fear, afraid of Eric Holder's shadow.

Thousands of guns went to drug cartels in the Fast and Furious fiasco. Hundreds of people may have died as a result. And a Republican dominated House Oversight Committee can't muster the votes to demand access to documents that might tell us how it came to be?

Go ahead, Republicans, after more than a year of investigation, back down now. Show us you're as bad as the Democrats who've worked feverishly to keep a lid on this scandal. You'll dodge a fight. But there's gonna be a bunch of people who suspect you were just playing politics all along. And there will be others of us who know that when you had the chance, you simply failed to to the right thing.

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