Saturday, May 5, 2012

FOID study sounds fishy

After more than 40 years, the state of Illinois has decided to do a first-ever audit of its Firearms Owner Identification card program.

Thanks to the study, the gun control crowd is already fretting that more controls are needed, that the audit reveals grave threats to the general public. According to the Chicago Tribune, the audit found bureaucratic loopholes or faulty data might allow the mentally ill or others to obtain the card that's required to buy guns and ammo in Illinois, leading to what the Cook County sheriff calls a "horrific" event.

The audit and its conclusions appear more than a a little fishy. It claims it found serious shortcomings, but fails to cite cases where these alleged failures led to improper gun possession or shootings. I don't doubt any bureaucratic program has screw-ups and shortfalls, but this audit sounds like it had an agenda before it was conducted.

Illinois is now the only state that has failed to pass a concealed carry firearms law. Sounds to me like the bureaucrats and some career politicians there are grasping for excuses to keep it that way.

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