Thursday, May 3, 2012

Julia nonsense
Have you seen this goofy Obama campaign cartoon?

                      The Life of Julia

Dear Leader will take care of dear Julia from kindergarten through retirement!

Sorry, gang. This is just too easy to make fun of.
The Life of Julia shows her going from age three to 67 under benevolent programs offered by the Obama government. Does this mean his reign will last 64 years? Stalin only lasted 30. Or maybe it means Obama laws are irrevocable and unchangeable. No Supreme Court would dare touch 'em, right?

All those years under Obama, and Julia was never asked to repay the federal debt. Best I can tell, O worked it out so she wasn't taxed at all.

And, while she has a kid, it appears Julia never gets a lasting partner (gay or straight). Who needs 'em. The State provides! That's a lot like what the early Soviets preached, and even the Soviets figured out quick what a mistake that was.

Okay, at first I said goofy, but actually it's creepy having a presidential campaign come out and brag government has all this control over a life. 

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