Thursday, May 3, 2012

More coal plants going away

Is the sun setting on US coal power? (Photo:
The Chicago Tribune says a two Chicago area coal-fired electric plants will close in September, and another one may be gone by 2014.

Last year, the Trib reported environmental regs may force 20 percent of Illinois' power generation capacity off-line in the coming years, and that electric prices in Illinois could be 65 percent higher by 2017.

We're previously noted growing numbers of forced closures elsewhere, but that no one is talking about how the country will make up for electricity shortfalls as plant closures vastly outstrip plans for new ones. It's almost like the government that's forcing these cuts expects less industry and fewer jobs going forward. Of course, most the closures are planned just far enough out that the crew that forced them may already be gone by the time the full impact is felt, and the next wave of bureaucrats and politicians will be the ones socked with the blame.

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